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11th October 2016

9:30pm: A correction and thoughts on a changing game state
It has been brought to my attention that I made a significant oversight in my list construction commentary regarding my last journeyman league session. It turns out that Man-o-War demolition corps do not in fact have combined melee attack. My apologies to anyone I may have misled. Credit to Esper for the catch.
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7th October 2016

10:20pm: Big Red hits the table, or the first 2 rounds of jjourneyman league
Last month I entered a 50 point journeyman league. As my experience in the new edition could at best be called “limited”, I wanted a way to ease into the new environment.
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1st October 2016

10:24am: Initial debate thoughts
It is time for some post debate review. I am not going to do another one of these until after the debates are done unless something major happens.
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25th September 2016

10:31pm: Pre-Debate thoughts
I try not to over-diagnose the presidential race. After a while it starts to feel like I could spend every waking hour on the topic and still accomplish nothing. However, with the first debate coming up tomorrow, I wanted to get my initial thoughts in order.
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20th September 2016

3:34pm: Project cookie tech or the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe
Two months ago amidst the hulking shapes of my newly acquired kitchen gadgets, I started project cookie tech. Cookie tech ™ was my attempt to build a bigger better chocolate chip cookie. I had the technology. I had the ingredients. I was sure I could do better than the packaged chocolate chip dough packs at the grocery store. I knew it would not be easy. I knew it would require devotion. So began my quest—for cookies! For world domination! For science! Muhahahahahahaha!!
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14th September 2016

7:34pm: Reviewing Pathfinder Rise of the rune lords card game
The following is my Amazon review of ROTRL. I will talk about playing the pathfinder card game in more detail later. For now, enjoy this review.
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21st August 2016

10:39pm: Project Status
Every once in a while, I like going through my projects and seeing what I have going on. It helps to compare the list to previous entries—sometimes I’m up on points and sometimes, not so much.
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29th July 2016

6:40am: The start of three things
I have decided to use the “three things” email as a weekly writing exercise. I will copy the results into my blog(s) and send it to my discussion list—thereby forcing me to keep up with my craft in some small part. So with no further ado:
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24th July 2016

9:25pm: Feeding the bullet throwers
I got into guns after the 2008 election. Since then I have learned a great deal about the economics of the hobby. There are a lot of variables at play—what laws are likely to pass in your region, how the upcoming candidates are set V.S. gun control, how National and state congresses look to shake out, how many supreme court slots are coming up for nomination, and what events have recently spurred the second amendment debate. I would find the entire process fascinating if the future of one of my favorite activities did not hang in the balance.
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4th June 2016

9:23am: Stupid political predictions
There are a couple factors that make me skeptical of “traditional” predictors of political outcomes this cycle.
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19th May 2016

11:10pm: Getting older, youth, and wisdom
One of the things I loved about the 30 minute serials of my youth was that the hero always seemed to have the required skill, just enough suave, or the perfect piece of wisdom for the moment. Paladin was a gunfighter but in many ways that was the least of his talents. He was an educated man, a gentleman of impeccable taste, and a hero possessed of singular honor. That is why I don’t mind getting older—I associate age with wisdom and competence.
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11th May 2016

12:14pm: Politics and People
I have wanted to write up something about Trump and CO for a while. It has just been difficult to put all my thoughts in order. There is a lot to think about. Fortunately, someone else has done most of the heavy lifting for me.
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8th May 2016

4:27pm: Contest results
My weight loss program ended May third; so I have been resting and refueling for the last week. I am so stuffed with protein it is not even funny. Starting Monday, I am back on the “plan.” Letting myself go for a couple of days was fun at times but generally left me feeling uncomfortable. I just do not enjoy fried and/or heavy food any more.
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6th May 2016

1:26am: WTH Trump

I, I have no words. As far as I can tell the GOP just nominated a super villain as their candidate.
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16th April 2016

2:33am: Punching off the pounds, checking in
With five of eight weeks out of the way in my weight loss contest, I am beginning to see progress. I am ranked third out of the contestants at my club, not too shabby. Of course the challenge is to maintain that momentum into the latter weeks—those where willpower begins to decrease.
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18th March 2016

1:58am: Contest update, week 1
A quick note regarding contest results and progress:
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14th March 2016

10:31pm: Putting it on the line
Last year I took off 40 pounds, kicked my less active life style in the teeth, and started eating better. Now I am putting it on the line—because there is nothing like a good competition to get me motivated.
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9th March 2016

10:51pm: Politics moving along
Super Tuesday is done. Are we any closer to clear front runners? Do we know how the electorate is going to react in the general contest? What does all of this nonsense mean for party establishments?
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27th February 2016

1:08am: I have no idea what to do.
The following is a _personal_ attempt to work through my feelings. B is having a very difficult time as most are already aware. This is not an attempt to make her problems about me. If you read any further please understand that this is how I deal with internal conflict without having to unload it on the group at large.
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3rd February 2016

2:38am: Personal Invintory pt3;
Shooting is one of those hobbies that takes on a life of its own. I know people with a couple guns. I have met people with a couple hundred. The limiting factors tend to run toward space, finances, and interest.
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30th January 2016

3:15am: The state of the union
I have tried not to talk about politics lately. The primary season is mind numbing. This candidate raised a couple million more than the other candidate. That pole puts one candidate up 1 point more than the margin of error in one state than that other candidate—maybe in the general election, maybe not. This candidate promises to “fix” this problem which the other party detests. Bla, bla, bla...Short of comedic stumbles, the only interesting part of the 2016 presidential race has been the sharp contrast in how Republicans and Democrats view the state of the union.
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1:47am: Gaming and the social contract
Recently our friends group absconded to the shore to celebrate Dara’s birthday and transgender unveiling. Kids were stashed with caretakers while 26 adults spent the weekend energetically socializing, gaming, and eating a metric ton of junk food. It was a glorious celebration.
I greatly enjoyed my 3 day vacation. It was worth every penny to see Dara out in public for the first time. I got to see old friends, play games, walk on the boardwalk, eat great food, sip excellent Scotch, rejuvenate my gaming drive, and build treasured memories. Those positive experiences caused me to reflect on the nature of my particular circle of geekdom. I have been dealing with this malaise for a while—d40con simply offered me further fodder for consideration.
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13th January 2016

9:48pm: [Tactical Gamage] Personal Invintory PT2
I have reconciled myself to writing a bunch of “this is what I did and what I am going to do” blog entries. I have talked about these items enough that it feels redundant. That being said, I need to get it down to hold myself accountable.
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11th January 2016

8:10pm: [Tactical Gamage] Personal Invintory PT1
I hate “resolutions.” They result in a month of furious good intentions followed by 11 months of disappointment. However, writing my expectations down keeps me honest. So these are not resolutions. They are “expectations.”
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4th January 2016

9:37pm: [Tactical Gamage] The making of things
I am used to doing a fair bit of cooking around the holidays between parties, company, and day-to-day obligations. I like creating things be it meals, music, or stories. It is life affirming to share the product of your heart and hands. There is a particular sense of achievement when you can say “I made that myself.” That being said, this year was out of control.
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