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6th January 2017

10:32pm: I wish things were different
I grew up with two self images. On the one hand there was the blind savant—eagle scout, church youth leader, wrestler, member of 4 choirs, gifted and talented student, high school paper reporter, vocal soloist, student councilor, Phi Beta Kappa member, and all around wunderkind. Mild competence for most people was exceptional performance for me. So, I got a lot of over-the-top praise for above average results. I was called amazing, inspirational, and a blessing. I tried to live up to that perception.
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6th December 2016

9:33pm: Crossroads of courage Round I
This past Sunday was the first session in my FLGS’s crossroads of courage campaign. Since most of the players are new, the T.O. kept the minimum points down to 15. If you and your opponent wanted to raise the bar that was up to you. “Weeks” are actually months for us—so week 2 will be played in January. I am talking to the T.O. about moving to a rumble format since I feel that better fits the community’s skill level and resource count. He seems open to the idea.
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3rd December 2016

11:49am: Updated Sorscha 1 tactica
The following is an updated tactica for Sorscha 1 with the new edition in mind. Your mileage may vary. Feedback and heckling are welcome.
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29th November 2016

9:02pm: Beginning the campaign
This Sunday I will be playing in my FLGS’s first session of the Narrative campaign. We got a late start due to only “doing warmachine” once a month and the need to encourage players to join up with the journeyman league.
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7:36pm: Considering Kozlov
Rounding out my review of Khador’s new battle box, we shall consider Kozlov, friendliest of the Northern warcasters. As usual, any mistakes are my own.
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26th November 2016

10:19pm: Considering the juggernaut
Continuing my review of Khador’s MKIII battle box, today we shall consider big red’s archetypal melee jack, the juggernaut.
Standard disclosure…all mistakes are my own, comments welcome, bla bla bla.
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21st November 2016

6:25am: A letter from my father
The following is an Op-Ed my father wrote recently for several National publications. Considering how often we butt heads over politics it is a message I fully support.
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20th November 2016

6:38pm: Considering Khador's Decimator
Today we shall consider that double barreled thumper, that chainsaw wielding powerhouse, that much-maligned giant of the battle field, the Khadoran decimator. As with all things, these are my opinions based on personal preference and experience. Salt to taste. Any errors are my own—please correct me if required.
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14th November 2016

8:12pm: @@@####$$%%ing Politics!
I was going to wait a few weeks before writing about politics. There is a lot of material on the table and I do not think we will have clear answers for many of the big questions until at least December. That being said…
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13th November 2016

4:58pm: A funny thing happened to me on the way to the store
I spend a lot of time on public transportation, waiting at bus stops, walking around my neighborhood, and hiking through my local suburban jungle. When you cannot drive, yee-old foot power becomes the default transportation. Because of this, I often encounter “interesting” people.
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8th November 2016

12:58pm: Concluding my warmachine journeyman league
Note: This is the final report for my LGS’s 50-point journeyman league. See previous entries for the dirty details regarding how I got here.
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1st November 2016

9:41pm: Politics, before the storm
Thursday, I voted early. The process was quick—efficient—surprisingly painless. I have the sticker to prove it. Early voting is at record levels Nationally—in the states that allow it anyway.
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30th October 2016

9:49pm: Winter is coming
I associate winter with stark beauty. It is the season of cold nights and hot apple sider. It smells like smoke and the dusty burnt sugar of oncoming snow. There is peace in the quiet after a winter storm—when all is muffled—pure—consumed by frosty fallen crystal. I revel in winter’s crisp bite. It calls to me as others yearn for the dog days of summer and the burgeoning weeks of new-spring.
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11th October 2016

9:30pm: A correction and thoughts on a changing game state
It has been brought to my attention that I made a significant oversight in my list construction commentary regarding my last journeyman league session. It turns out that Man-o-War demolition corps do not in fact have combined melee attack. My apologies to anyone I may have misled. Credit to Esper for the catch.
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7th October 2016

10:20pm: Big Red hits the table, or the first 2 rounds of jjourneyman league
Last month I entered a 50 point journeyman league. As my experience in the new edition could at best be called “limited”, I wanted a way to ease into the new environment.
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1st October 2016

10:24am: Initial debate thoughts
It is time for some post debate review. I am not going to do another one of these until after the debates are done unless something major happens.
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25th September 2016

10:31pm: Pre-Debate thoughts
I try not to over-diagnose the presidential race. After a while it starts to feel like I could spend every waking hour on the topic and still accomplish nothing. However, with the first debate coming up tomorrow, I wanted to get my initial thoughts in order.
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20th September 2016

3:34pm: Project cookie tech or the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe
Two months ago amidst the hulking shapes of my newly acquired kitchen gadgets, I started project cookie tech. Cookie tech ™ was my attempt to build a bigger better chocolate chip cookie. I had the technology. I had the ingredients. I was sure I could do better than the packaged chocolate chip dough packs at the grocery store. I knew it would not be easy. I knew it would require devotion. So began my quest—for cookies! For world domination! For science! Muhahahahahahaha!!
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14th September 2016

7:34pm: Reviewing Pathfinder Rise of the rune lords card game
The following is my Amazon review of ROTRL. I will talk about playing the pathfinder card game in more detail later. For now, enjoy this review.
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21st August 2016

10:39pm: Project Status
Every once in a while, I like going through my projects and seeing what I have going on. It helps to compare the list to previous entries—sometimes I’m up on points and sometimes, not so much.
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29th July 2016

6:40am: The start of three things
I have decided to use the “three things” email as a weekly writing exercise. I will copy the results into my blog(s) and send it to my discussion list—thereby forcing me to keep up with my craft in some small part. So with no further ado:
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24th July 2016

9:25pm: Feeding the bullet throwers
I got into guns after the 2008 election. Since then I have learned a great deal about the economics of the hobby. There are a lot of variables at play—what laws are likely to pass in your region, how the upcoming candidates are set V.S. gun control, how National and state congresses look to shake out, how many supreme court slots are coming up for nomination, and what events have recently spurred the second amendment debate. I would find the entire process fascinating if the future of one of my favorite activities did not hang in the balance.
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4th June 2016

9:23am: Stupid political predictions
There are a couple factors that make me skeptical of “traditional” predictors of political outcomes this cycle.
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19th May 2016

11:10pm: Getting older, youth, and wisdom
One of the things I loved about the 30 minute serials of my youth was that the hero always seemed to have the required skill, just enough suave, or the perfect piece of wisdom for the moment. Paladin was a gunfighter but in many ways that was the least of his talents. He was an educated man, a gentleman of impeccable taste, and a hero possessed of singular honor. That is why I don’t mind getting older—I associate age with wisdom and competence.
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11th May 2016

12:14pm: Politics and People
I have wanted to write up something about Trump and CO for a while. It has just been difficult to put all my thoughts in order. There is a lot to think about. Fortunately, someone else has done most of the heavy lifting for me.
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